ARC Pro - Asociatia pentru Coaching Profesionist din Romania

Teodor-Florin Stoica

Pursue a long-term career in higher education where I can induce interest and motivation for a passionate learning. With the help of my friendly and reliable nature, I look forward to building good relationships with the students and colleagues while being part of an innovative environment.

With a long experience and a natural passion for teaching, I fully believe that my skills and attitude can add value to the position of Lecturer in any math, banking and insurance, coaching and mentoring as well as leadership related field. Being a reliable, caring and enthusiastic professional, I have a great deal of empathy and am able to listen to others efficiently. Being a freelance teacher, I am involved in many projects and as I understand the importance of keeping a deadline I have strong time management skills. I show professionalism in all aspects of my life, in and outside the classroom, by being an open, understanding and approachable person